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Street Scramble is coming to Bellingham, Sunday Nov 12. It is an urban adventure that’s said to be fun for runners, walkers, and families! Dozens of checkpoints are marked on a special map and your goal is to find as many as you can within the time limit. Whether you sprint or stroll is up to you! You can participate solo or in teams of 2-5.


  • Maps are handed out 30 minutes before the race start. Use this time to strategize! Plan which checkpoints you want to find and the route you’ll take to get there. Use highlighters, pens, or pencils to mark your route on the map.

  • Checkpoints have varying point values, this can affect your strategy!

  • Checkpoints are worth the tens place of the checkpoint number. (For example, checkpoints #38 is worth 30 points.)

  • After the race briefing, everyone starts at the same time!

  • To prove that you visited a checkpoint, you’ll answer a multiple-choice question on an answer sheet. (No guessing. This isn’t a trivia contest and incorrect answers receive a point penalty!)

  • Do your best to return to the finish on-time and turn in your answer sheet, or risk losing 10 points per minute (or fraction of a minute) that you’re late! This makes for an exciting dash to the finish.

To learn more about how it works, including some strategy tips, visit the First Time? page.

Here is the Schedule

Sunday, November 12th

8:45am – On-site registration opens

10:00am – Map handout

10:30am – Start!

12:00am – 90-minute Finish

12:30pm – 90-minute Awards

1:30pm – 3-hour Finish

2:00pm – 3-hour Awards

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